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Born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, Shelley is a stand for fierce engagement with life! Endlessly curious, she has explored many spiritual traditions as well as teaching Chicago Public School students leadership skills (Future Leaders of America) and partnering an organic food demo company.

She is rooted in the Reform Judaism of her parents, with a demonstrated commitment to Tikkun Olam—healing the shattered fragments of the world.

Her training the methods of transformation began in 1976, with her participation in Landmark Education (previously known as the est Training.) continued through 10 year apprenticeships with two distinct spiritual teachers; and culminated in a solitary initiation into the Sky Walker path in the early 1990s.  As a Sky Walker she has clocked thousands of hours of meditation, gone through all the traditional shamanic stages several times—MINUS the teacher plants!

She has brought through several advanced meditation methods whose purpose is to transform personal & group karma, family patterns, up to the archetypal level.

Along the way she participated in the martial art of Aikido, learned a bit of astrology and tarot, was initiated in Mahikari No Waza, received several abhishekas in the Vajrayana tradition of Tantric  Buddhism (Kagyu lineage), was initiated in the Sufi Order of the West by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, studied informally with Native American teachers, Sikh White Tantra and neo-pagan ritual. She enjoyed a year externship with Bowen Family Systems Therapy—looking at mammalian and human social structures.

As High Priestess of the Order of the Dolphins, she has participated with many Light Workers to bring in the “codes” and energetic structures for the New Millennium.

Shelley is also the Initiatrix of the Red Lipstick Sisterhood. Members perform stealth operations of random acts of kindness and re-matrixing the energetics of offices, to bring about validation, vitality, courage and creativity to the world of work.

Her work with thousands of clients, as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, began in 1983.

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